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Costa Rica Activities are what we know, and we’ve made it our priority to share our knowledge with those who plan on visiting our magical country.  With the wide variety of Costa Rica Activities and Costa Rica Tours that we have available, you are sure to find the perfect additions to make your Costa Rica Vacation especially memorable.  To make it even better:  our discounts help you to save on Caribbean Activities and other Activities in Costa Rica!

If you like deep sea fishing, riding all terrain vehicles (ATV), eco tours, dinner cruises, horseback riding, kayaking, and other exciting Caribbean Activities and Costa Rica Attractions, you have come to the right place!

There are so many fun Activities in Costa Rica to participate in that it can be hard trying to decide with Costa Rica activities would be best for your tour group.  Don’t worry—the knowledgeable staff at Things To Do Costa Rica can walk you through your options and provide you with invaluable information that will surely help you to plan the ideal Costa Rica Vacation.  To discuss your interest in Costa Rica Attractions, pick up the phone and call us toll free at 1-800-918-2630.

When you’re planning your Costa Rica Vacation, it’s essential that you do your research so that you can pick the most desirable Costa Rica Activities for you and your traveling companions.  A large percentage of the Costa Rica Activities that Costa Rica Discount offers book months in advance, so we recommend that you reserve the Caribbean Activities that you desire as ahead of time as possible to guarantee availability.  When you plan your Costa Rica Vacation with Things To Do Costa Rica, you are leaving the worry, stress and hassle behind!  Things To Do Costa Rica makes it easy to choose your Costa Rica Tours with confidence.  We have something for everyone here. This is not the kind of vacation where all there is to do is lay on the beach - even though that is pretty popular too! It's so beautiful here that even mundane tasks like going to the store feature breathtaking views mountains, volcanoes, exotic plants, wildlife, and crystal clear, sparkling blue waters of the Pacific ocean. Imagine the excitement of doing something entirely new in this tropical Costa Rica paradise? Costa Rica Discount has a wide selection of Costa Rica activities, tours, and other things to do. We can help you custom tailor your Costa Rican vacation with exciting Costa Rica activities activities to make this an experience you will never forget.

Costa Rica Sightseeing Tours and Activities

The list of Activities in Costa Rica below is only a fraction of the Costa Rica Tours and Costa Rica Activities that we offer. 

Fishing in Costa Rica - The striking waters of the ocean surrounding Costa Rica are populated with incredible game fish.  Anglers from across the world flock to Costa Rica to have their hand at catching tuna, marlin and other sport fish.  Things To Do Costa Rica places you on an intimate Costa Rica Tour with a knowledgeable captain who will bring you to the most potent waters around!

Dinner Cruises in Costa Rica – These romantic Costa Rican Activities give you the chance to do some Costa Rica Sightseeing while spending invaluable time with that special someone.  On these Costa Rica Tours, you’re able to enjoy yummy Caribbean cuisine, live entertainment, and a majestic view of the Costa Rican sunset. 

Helicopter Tours all around Costa Rica – There’s no better way to view Costa Rica Attractions than from the window of a helicopter!  These Costa Rican Activities and Costa Rica Tours give you the chance to experience a once in a lifetime ride aboard an exciting helicopter!  You’ll get the chance to check out waterfalls, beaches, volcanoes, mountains, and all of the other beautiful sights that Costa Rica has to offer. 

Horseback Riding in Costa Rica – Horseback riding is the perfect way to spend a day with the entire family while you take in some of the most scenic Costa Rica Attractions during your Costa Rica Vacation.  You’ll be able to truly connect with nature while you experience the gorgeous Costa Rican countryside. 

Kayaking in Costa Rica – Kayaking in Costa Rica is one of the most popular Costa Rica Activities available.  Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced kayaker, you’re sure to have a blast during one of the many kayaking Costa Rica Tours offered.  These Costa Rican Activities give you the chance to absorb the sights as the ancient Polynesians did—from kayak. 

Land Tours all over Costa Rica – With Discount Costa Rica’s Land Tours, you can see the most popular and exciting Costa Rica Attractions while sightseeing.  These Costa Rica Tours are specially designed to expose you to the best that this paradise has to offer without forcing you to spend more than you can afford. 

Scuba Diving in Costa Rica – By taking part in Costa Rica Scuba Diving, you and your tour group can observe the abundant marine life that resides in Costa Rica’s waters.  Check out sharks, giant turtles, myriads of tropical fish, breathtaking underwater lava formations, and coral reefs!  This is one of the most popular Activities in Costa Rica that you and your friends or family can take part in.

Submarines and Glass Bottom Boats in Costa Rica – If you want the chance to check out the wide variety of oceanic creatures that lurk beneath the surface but don’t want to get soaked, then these Costa Rica Tours are perfect for you!  These Costa Rican Activities are sure to create lasting memories for you and your tour group during your Costa Rica Vacation.

Costa Rica Whale Watching – During peak whale watching season (November through April), you and your family or friends have the rare opportunity to see the majestic humpback whale during its migration.  This is a Costa Rica Activity that will make your Costa Rica Vacation unforgettable!

This short list in no way covers all of the Costa Rica Attractions and Costa Rica Tours that you can participate in during your exciting Costa Rica Vacation.

Plan your Costa Rica Activities and Tours of the Best Costa Rica Attractions in Advance!

Things To Do Costa Rica presents you with a huge variety of Costa Rica Tours and Costa Rica Activities – there are so many choices to select from that you will probably have some trouble deciding upon the best Oahu Activities and Costa Rica Activities for your tour group!

To ensure that you’ll have your pick of activities, be sure to call 1-800-918-2630 now and book your Costa Rica Activities today!




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